Scottish Island With Dark History up for Sale for Just $424K

July 18, 2017 5:02 pm Last Updated: July 18, 2017 5:08 pm

An entire 29-acre island off the coast of Scotland with a six-bedroom cottage is on sale for just $424,000, but the lucky buyers would have to live with a chilling murder that occurred there half a century ago.

“Private islands rarely come up for sale at an affordable price and particularly one with a habitable house and additional properties,” David Corrie, senior associate at agents Galbraith told Yahoo News. “We expect a lot of interest.”

Little Ross Island is located off the south west coast of Scotland. Alan Stevenson built a lighthouse there in 1863. During the 1900s, 16 people lived on the island to maintain the lighthouse. They got their food from a small dairy and pig farm on the island.

In August 1960, the principal keeper of the lighthouse was on vacation and two relief keepers were on duty. A father and son arrived on the island for lunch and discovered the body of one of the keepers, Hugh Clark.

A nationwide manhunt commenced for the second keeper, Robert Dickson, which concluded in his capture and trial. Dickson was first sentenced to death, but that sentenced was changed to life imprisonment.

(Google maps)
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Little Ross Island (Google Maps)
Little Ross Island (Google Maps)

After the murder, the lighthouse was automated.

The property listing includes stunning views of the island and describes views of the “open sea, coastline, countryside, the Isle of Man and Lake District.” There is also a natural harbor and a pebble beach. The lighthouse is not included in the purchase as it is still maintained by the Commissioners for Northern Lighthouses.

The island is completely off the grid, with electricity supplied from solar panels. The owners would need a boat or helicopter to get there.

“With a bit of TLC, the properties on the island could be turned into something truly stunning, with Little Ross Island once again being the perfect island retreat for future generations to enjoy,” Corie said.

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