Translator: Shen Yun Lyrics ‘almost brought me to tears’

March 26, 2017

“I really like it. I studied Chinese at university and I lived in China for a short time and I didn’t see this type of performance there. I went to many performances, Chinese opera and things like that, but [Shen Yun] is just different.


“I feel that the way it flows is very gentle. Although in China people are highly trained and they are really good performers, with Shen Yun it’s just so light. It feels like they really have their spirit with them in the music, they put all their feelings [into it], whereas sometimes the ones I paid to go to in China they were very rigid, … it really looked like they were [just] acting.


“[Shen Yun], I don’t know how to describe it but it’s just beautiful.”


“The energy of the performer is flowing very beautifully, and also they are very well coordinated, they are in harmony with each other.”


“The lyrics [of the songs] are absolutely beautiful, full of hope and I really liked the message at the end where he said you have to find your own path, you have to find what is your mission and then you will be happy, you’ll find joy.


“I think today we are lost, looking for something, and we don’t even know what we are looking for, so that really almost brought me to tears because I thought it’s so true, if you really are doing something, your mission, you believe in something, you will enjoy it, you will feel happy, and you’ll feel like you don’t need anything, because when you are doing something that means something to you, you almost don’t feel hungry, don’t feel sleepy, you just want to keep going.”


“I think the impact on society [of Shen Yun] little by little it could start changing people’s minds about caring for each other, caring for the environment—the dance of the flowers, ‘Yellow Blossoms’, was beautiful. Also that good can rise above evil; I think that’s a very important message to remember.”