Shen Yun Takes Texas Theatergoer Through ‘Every Emotion’

January 11, 2018

“I liked the dance. I thought that the dance was amazing … And now I can’t wait to study the Chinese dynasties and just to learn the history—I didn’t think that I was going to cry, but I did.”

“The one where the [Chinese] government was persecuting. I’ve had friends from China tell me their stories and it’s heartbreaking. It was real. That part was just very real to me.”

“And another thing that makes me sad is that, in China, [Shen Yun] can’t be shown. … I wonder how much of that history is being lost to the Chinese people.”

“It’s colorful, it’s energetic, it’s enlightening, it’s informative, it’s rich. I mean, there was not just a handful of words to describe it. It covered every emotion that I could feel. It was phenomenal.”

“The dancers were phenomenal. They were so talented and they were amazing.”