Shen Yun Exudes Great Tranquility and Peace, Visual Artist Says

April 24, 2017

“I found it great, first-class, with an amazing scenography. The team of dancers has an incredible level of professionalism. I found it very good.”

“With my husband, we are practitioners of tai chi and kung fu, and we recognize many of these forms in the choreography, and that is seen as a whole as if there is something else beyond what we see.”

“What surprised me the most is how the shapes are so pure. Everything is so genuine. It’s hard to explain in words.”

“[I feel] good, very good. I was very moved.”

“A feeling of great tranquility and peace—I wanted to remain there. I keep saying how lovely this is.”

“I also think that [spiritually] … you must follow some path, so that your artistic practice has some meaning that is not only something external or aesthetic, and I think that this is the most important thing I saw here.”

“I found the stories divine, very nice, all very poetic, very beautiful.”

“The visual aspect is amazing, first-class, all the set and the design, all first-class.”