Shen Yun Dances From a Divine Place, Says Physician

December 31, 2016

“I have three children who came with me from Asheville, N.C., and we drove about two hours. We’ve been waiting two years to see this show so we’ve been excited today.”

“We loved it, it was beautiful. It was visually spectacular, and I love some of the messages like compassion, tolerance, truth. I liked that a lot.”

“I think the depth of the show surprised me, in terms of the message that had to do with truth and compassion and a greater power.”

“I think my understanding is that material wealth is very short-lived, but compassion, tolerance, and truth last well beyond a lifetime.”

“[The dancers are] incredible! They’re incredible. So beautiful—their movements are graceful, elegant, and really like the emcee said, divine. I mean they seemed like the movements were from a divine place, that’s what I noticed.”

“When we dance with our heart or from our heart, it really shows. That’s what I would say. It wasn’t superficial at all. It was much more than just the movement.”