Emmy Award-Winning Composer Enjoys Coordination of Shen Yun’s Music and Dancing

April 16, 2017

“It’s very good, very enjoyable, very interesting to see the music matching the dance so well. … The movements and the music work well together. 

“A friend of mine asked me to come and see [Shen Yun], a Chinese composer, he’s a friend of mine. He said I would enjoy to see this particular style of music and dance.”

“I love the colors, the colors of all the costumes, and I think that also matches sometimes the music. It’s very vibrant and energetic music, [and] the colors are very bold, and doing lots of actions.”

“The stories are good. I like the fact they (the emcees) explain to us [each vignette] beforehand so we understand what we are going to see.”

“I didn’t know what to expect, so I am pleasantly surprised.” 

“I am interested to go down and look at the orchestra. I work on the Academy Awards, for the music, and I work in this theater. So, I know the orchestra pit very well, I want to see how the orchestra is laid out in there.”