Cultural Director: Shen Yun Inspires and Enlightens in Keelung

March 23, 2017

“It [Shen Yun] helps people enlighten and be inspired, and makes people feel relaxed both physically and spiritually.”

“In addition to the implications in the lyrics in the vocal soloists’ performance—the piano accompaniment is very touching too. The baritone’s voice is also very rigorous and deep.”

“The live accompaniment played with Chinese and Western musical instruments was also very touching.”

“Shen Yun’s dance drama ‘Monkey King at Fire Mountain’ is adapted from a Chinese legendary story [The Journey to the West]. It was really awesome to see the animated digital backdrops presenting the images of different time and space. Even Westerners can understand it easily.”

“Because it [Shen Yun] wants to revive [traditional] arts and its beliefs, it has persevered [in presenting the performances]. I hope that we can give them encouragement so that it can continue to persevere.”