‘They brought a lot of heart,’ Grammy Award Winner Rick Springfield Says

April 12, 2018

“It’s incredible. I love it.”

“All of the synchronized dancing is amazing to me, and the humor, and actually the whole [spiritual aspect]. I thought it was very moving. … I thought it would be just the dancing, but they brought a lot of heart.”

“Anytime there’s spirituality it benefits the world, because it’s saying there is a God, that we are all one, and that’s a universal message. … It’s the most important thing that humanity can grasp.”

“[The orchestra] is great. It’s amazing. [There’re] a lot of new instruments to me, but it’s wonderful.”

“Theres a Western sound to it to a degree, but the instruments, the instrumentation is very Asian to my ears.”

“[The music] is very dreamy and very powerful. … There’s so much emotion in it.”

“[The performance] pulls you in, especially the spiritual [vignette] pulled me right in.”

“It was amazing. I would absolutely recommend it.”