Theatergoer Connects With the Divine in Shen Yun

March 1, 2017

“I love it every year. This is my 4th performance. I absolutely love coming. It is new. It always has positive message and always strikes. It has deep emotion. No matter how old the depiction of the civilization, the dance, any of it is relevant all the time. Particularly now in my country we need something like that.”

“The artistry, the music, the movement, the message more than anything. The fact that these people come here every year to give their best for us. One of the most beautiful ways that they possibly can, from one of the best and oldest civilizations on the planet. They’re sharing that with us.”

“I think it can bring the message that we’re all children of divine. I think they can show that every one member is necessary to pull off the whole. And without that our society is not going to be particularly good.”

“Hopefully they’ll [Shen Yun] inspire people to take a stand, both on public policy and their own countries and abroad. I hope to see more children getting involved in arts, as well as faith-based organizations. They can learn more about different people in different cultures. And I also hope that it brings joy.”