Taiwanese NGO Director Touched by ‘the New World’ Presented in Shen Yun

February 23, 2017

“This show is about bringing forth 5,000 years of culture, where children can easily identify themselves with its truthfulness and compassion. … This show is not just about high-level artistry; there are also numerous elements within it, which will surely be quite attractive to children.” 


“The ethnic dances have a deeper meaning—a return to simple and good human nature.” 


“There were two stark contrasts within the show—one was a chaotic world and the other was a realm with a clean and blue sky—a complete opposition of two different colors. I was touched by what I saw.” 


“I nearly cried during the last program. And the urge to cry was the result of being so deeply touched, as if everything had just returned to the original, most wonderful, and pure world.”