Taiwanese Choir Member Enjoys Moments of Paradise at Shen Yun

February 23, 2017

“This music is best I have ever heard. Truly superb. The coordination of the music with the dance was impeccable.” 


“The backdrop was like this fusion of dream and reality. And the female dancers were like heavenly maidens coming from heaven. It was so stunning. It was like seeing a paradise on this earthly world. It set off a ripple in my heart and it was so unforgettable.” 


“I took notice of the spirit behind traditional Chinese culture, which is the reverence people pay for gods, as well as respect to nature.” 


“Now seeing these dances, I am nostalgic about ancient times—their simple way of life. Though their materialistic life was simple, but they surely had a much happier spiritual life.” 


“I was like living in a heaven [during the performance]. For two hours, I completely forgot about my troubles in life. Really, it is amazing.”