Shen Yun’s Story Dances Are Captivating, Financial VP Says

April 28, 2018

“I love the energy that the performers are bringing. I love the colors, the music. Just the energy—it is phenomenal.”

“The way they move so gracefully across the stage, the stories that they tell in their movement and motions—I think it is awesome.”

“The story, the storyline—I find it captivating. … I compliment everybody up there on the stage for their being here and sharing their stories with us.”

“[The soprano had] a tremendous voice, … [who] really put her heart into the whole performance. It was phenomenal.”

“Now I have a better appreciation for what is going on in China today.”

“It [performance] makes us stop and think about why we are, and the mission that we have, and how we all have to live and work together for the greater good.”