Shen Yun Shows ‘The Magnificent History of Chinese Culture’

March 11, 2018

“It’s very interesting. We’re used to the shows in Las Vegas. [They] don’t even come close to this. This is art, music from a different part of the world.”

“It was done very well. The music is excellent, and of course the performers are in such fantastic condition.”

“They [Shen Yun performers] take us to a different part of the magnificent history of Chinese culture. It’s very unique.”

“The two people [bilingual emcees] that come in here and introduce the history itself are very unique, well-done and very informative.”

“The backdrop is incredible. The artwork is very unique.”

“[Shen Yun is beneficial to humanity] in so many ways. … This [performance] itself is a magnificent piece.”

“To be introduced to a new culture and the oldest civilization in the world is very interesting, and we become more knowledgeable. We have a totally different view of who we are.”