Shen Yun Reminds Us There is Beauty in the World

April 22, 2017

“It’s a very beautiful and moving performance. Very well-choreographed.”

“It kind of makes your heart emotional.” 

“The costumes, colors are just beautiful. They’re mesmerizing, actually.” 

“I liked the live orchestra. I’m surprised that so many of the instruments are regular instruments that we would hear, but they are adapted for the music. The musicians themselves know how the music should flow, so they’re able to play it, but a regular musician probably would not, because the sounds are so different. But they’re regular instruments. That’s what’s so surprising.”

“[Oppression such as in China] happens throughout the world, and it’s happened throughout the ages, and it continues to happen, and there’s really nothing that will stop it, because it’s all about greed, power, wealth, and human nature is like that. It’s going to be with us always.” 

“The principles of justice, good, faith, and hope, hope in the future, hope for vindication, the greater power that sees over us, it’s just all these, from different faith backgrounds, from different religions, some of the same concepts, some of the same ways of thinking, ways of believing. They’re so common throughout the world to so many people.”

“[The lyrics were] poetic. I was trying to read it more than listening to the music, but the poetic sequences of the words, there’s so much truth to what they were saying. The man himself had a wonderful voice. I’m a tenor, so I was surprised. I know he’s hitting notes I can’t hit … I would hope that my singing does the same to my listeners.” 

“I would recommend it. I was commenting to my friend here that this goes back before the time of Christ. All these things were in place already, the beauty, the artistry, the sentiments, they’re all things that have gone way back through the earliest times. Somehow the cultures, somehow the sentiments, somehow somebody captured these things and passed them on, and then they’ve come to us.”

“I think it would help society to know and understand that they can do something to affect the future, but we have to act. We can’t let despair take over the world. We can’t [allow] the evil that’s in the world, that’s present right now in dictatorships and in persecutions that’s happening right now.” 

“I think people need to know that beauty is in the world. Beauty is something that will persist and overcome much evil, much bad in the world.”