Shen Yun Is ‘Spiritual Contemplation,’ Says Publisher

January 13, 2018

“It’s our fifth year [seeing the performance]. We discovered Shen Yun five years ago in Florida.”

“It’s always uplifting. … It’s high-quality … divine.”

“The content, along with the [animated] projections and the divine beings [depicted in the performance], it’s very powerful. I find Shen Yun is a contemplation. It’s not a performance for me; it’s truly a contemplation—in the spiritual sense. It’s something that we watch, listen, and that uplifts us inside. With meditation, one closes the door to the external senses, but with contemplation, we keep in touch with the external world, which helps us to elevate. Shen Yun is that—a spiritual contemplation.”

“Often I have tears in my eyes, that’s how much it touches me. I feel at home, inside myself, of course. We can see [in the performance], yes, there is Falun Dafa [the traditional Chinese meditation and spiritual practice], but that transcends all religion—that God is one, that the spiritual is one. There are different voices, but in the end everything comes together as if at the top of a pyramid. The divine language is universal.”

“We can never forget Shen Yun. … I recommend it to a lot of people.”

“There is a great deal of continuity [in the performances each year]. Otherwise we wouldn’t be coming every year. … We would love it if Shen Yun came two times per year.”

“I think it’s important to read the program book. I always read it before [the performance]. We keep it and refer to it. When the performer sings, the lyrics are very important. What’s written there is very important.”