Shen Yun Is ‘So Beautiful, It Hurt’

February 1, 2018

“It was so beautiful, it hurt. I was just blown away. It’s stunning, it’s colorful. It was just magic. There are stories, it’s fast-paced, but slow and beautiful, and there’s time to digest it. I just thought it was amazing.”

“The [dance] moves were just amazing. They’re flawless. They were so smooth and effortless and creative, and the colors were stunning, the costumes were amazing, and it was just so beautiful, it seriously made my heart hurt.”

“It’s so gorgeous. Everything was so pretty, and the stories were really good and tied in well. I just loved it, I really did. I want to come back. I’m going to be a regular.”

“The music was really lovely. … It was just flawless with the dancing. It just blended in so beautifully, and everything from the drums and the handkerchiefs, it was just explosive and subtle.”

“The choreography was really powerful.”

“I loved how every scene had a story of it’s own. It had a beginning and an end, and a message. … They all tied in together and had a greater message together at the end. … There is a greater power, or maybe that power is within us. It was just really uplifting.”

“This was a really subtle, beautiful side to Chinese culture.”

“You have to see this show. It’s for all ages. It was stunning, it was colorful, it was really uplifting, the music was beautiful. Everything about it, I was happily surprised. It was beyond my expectations.”