Shen Yun Is Pure Happiness, Village Mayor Says

May 2, 2017

“Not enough words to describe it. It’s beautiful.”

“With such a finale like that [‘Boundless Compassion’], it’s really magnificent. It’s great.”

“I’m fortunate to be able to feel many things, and I’m happy. I also feel this did a lot of good for my wife. We’ve experienced some hard times lately, and I think today this is like icing on the cake. It feels very good.”

“[Regarding hope] Yes! Yes! It does bring us something. I usually like to analyze things—but I take for granted everything I saw tonight. It’s pure happiness, only happiness, I tell you. … A well-being, a feeling, a lightness, a certain freedom … .”

“This tenor is extraordinary. He expressed all he had inside. He offered it to others. It is a gift he gave us—a gift of himself.”