Shen Yun Is Perfection, Composer Says

April 12, 2018

“It was fascinating how everything onstage—the scenes, the performers, the backdrop, the musicians, and the music—performed as one.”

“The skill of the Shen Yun performers was outstanding—perfection.”

“It is most amazing to see the dance culture of prior generations.”

“Shen Yun incorporated the humanness in everything—the dance, the songs, the presentations, the history. It presents the total and not just given parts. It is a creation that brings together the competence of many. Also, the [digital] backdrop brings further understanding of the performance and makes it whole.”

“The performers not only bring with them a wish to excel, but they also really surpass and exceed expectations.”

“What is outstanding is that the young performers were trained to present to the audience a meaning of the past, still relevant in the future. They performed with ease because of their attitude and understanding what they want to bring to the world.”

“What is most important is that these artists bring to the world their sorrow through dance, song, and culture, and not through strife. This is so much more meaningful and peaceful.”