Shen Yun Is ‘Magical and Enlightening,’ Photographer Says

April 2, 2018

“I absolutely loved it. I almost want to cry, because it’s so pretty.”

“Absolutely stunning.”

“You get to learn their tradition. … It’s very eye-opening to see this culture.”

“Exceptionally brilliant dancers, just awe-inspiring. It’s just an excellent performance.”

“The art of their dancing is just superb. They are very, very gifted and talented dancers.”

“I was very moved. It was beautiful. I almost cried at the end with all the angels. I like the art of dance, and it was just very inspiring.”

“When you watch the angels come, and the interpretation, and the white gowns and the beauty of the gowns, seeing the angels come out of the sky, the way they jump out of the screen, it was just very awe-inspiring. When you think about the afterlife and being rescued by angels, it was just very moving.”

“[I felt] humbled. I’ve lost some friends recently, so to know that there’s a heaven out there or there is somebody out there looking over them and guiding their spirits into a different realm, it’s just beautifully interpreted.”

“It is just gorgeous—absolutely gorgeous.”

“It was very magical and enlightening. It’s something you have to experience.”

“[In summary, I felt] gratified. I was very moved. I was highly impressed, I would highly recommend this.”