Shen Yun Is Eye-Opening and Touching, Journalist Says

May 4, 2017

“Excellent, it’s eye-opening and amazing actually, and I never use that word.”

“I think everything is so perfectly synchronized, the timing is spot on that so many people dancing can be so together, even in the extension of the arms and legs. It’s better than any ballet company I’ve seen from the West.”

“Very interesting [stories], I’ve never heard of any of them before, but it’s something I’ve to investigate a little bit more because they seem fascinating. “

“I was very moved by the first act, the story about the orphan who looks for her history. Especially when the authorities were descending upon the crowd and beating them and the mother was looking for her baby and trying to touch the baby — that was very touching. It’s beautifully done with choreography; and dancing elegantly done but just to think of the real history behind that is very sad actually.”

“I would imagine even if you are Chinese, you’ll see something about a Chinese culture that you’re not familiar with. And those of us who are not Asian can certainly benefit from the beautiful music, the incredible backdrops, the interactivity between the backdrops and the performers. There’s just so much really.”