Shen Yun Is ‘Breathtaking, Really Beautiful,’ Business Owner Says

April 12, 2018

“Beautiful colors, beautiful dance, well put together. I like that everything is explained prior to the dances; that’s really helpful, and it’s just an excellent experience.

“The colors, the coordination of the costumes with the backgrounds, the way the characters go in and out of the backdrop is really cool and getting to see it with my daughter is especially cool.”

“The singing was amazing. I didn’t realize there was going to be any singing—it was really beautiful.”

“We were in the front row so we were able to get a good view of everything and see the lyrics, but just get a good experience of listening to the strength of his voice, and it was just really, really nice.”

“I find that incredibly interesting to see exactly how [Falun Gong] is portrayed by the Chinese people coming from their own selves, rather than an Americanized version, or you know what I might read or hear online, facebook, or wherever it might be.”

“I would absolutely say [Shen Yun] brings a positive understanding of other cultures. I always feel that can only be a positive thing. For people to understand and appreciate other cultures I think is wonderful.”

“My daughter stayed still. She was great—she loved it and when they called for intermission she said, ‘are we coming back in?’ and I said, ‘don’t worry we’ll be coming back in’.”

“I would absolutely recommend it and actually quite a few of her friends and their parents when they heard we were coming tried to get tickets, but it was all sold out—people are interested and want to come.”