Shen Yun Dancers Show ‘Amazing Strength,’ CIO Says

May 6, 2018

“It was wonderful. Beautiful. The movements and the colors, really outstanding!”

“I think the spirituality is a thing that is very important in today’s modern society and seeing that exemplified in the movements and traditions in the dance, the colors, the sleeves. I kept feeling that there was so much more deeper meaning that I was interested to learn about and know behind many of the things that were being seen on stage.”

“I thought the whole thing was just amazing and the whole thing touched my heart. Each scene had something in it, some gem that was meaningful and very interesting to me.”

“I see amazing strength, not just physical strength, but mental strength, then [you] focus on what they’re doing, it’s really clear that they have very strong energy and enthusiasm for what they do and you can feel that just by watching them in their movement.”