Shen Yun Connects on Many Levels for Science Professor

April 29, 2018

“I like the fact it integrated with the beauty of the dancing and the music. That there was a message, for family, for faith, and for freedom.”

“I like the fact that it was tied to traditional Chinese life, going back thousands of years really, and I thought this was a special message.”

“I related very much to the subject to faith and spiritualism. I think that we can use a lot more spiritualism of this type around the world because it’s based on doing good things, irrespective of what religion you might have. This program is based upon principles, and spiritualism is a part of that.”

“I have another connection [with the performance] because my family is very much into the arts. I have a daughter who sings, and another one is a very high-level ballerina. So I felt a lot of connections.”