Shen Yun ‘Can Be the Spokesperson for Chinese People,’ Georgia Theatergoer Says

April 6, 2018

“So I actually saw the show two years ago. It was mind-blowing two years ago. … And then this year, there were more funny elements in it. There was more humor and I like that.”

“I wish that Chinese people can have their own spokesperson. And Shen Yun can very much be the one.”

“[I was able to see the values of] tolerance, sincerely, honesty, diligence, and discipline [played out in the performance].”

“For the program ‘Awakening,’ … I come to realize that there is a thin line separating good and evil. If people can be aware of their bad thoughts, and control them, this is a form of cultivation. … And meditation or [spiritual] practice is about helping us to eliminate bad thoughts.”

“This performance is not about an individual, about one person wanting to lead, … it is about cooperation, making [the performance] perfect and harmonious.”