Shen Yun Awakens People to a Choice, Gynecologist Says

April 19, 2018

“The Shen Yun performance was fascinating and amazing. The perfection of the performance, the colors, and the music—everything harmonized perfectly.”

“The reality of today’s society [was] presented through different scenes [that] were unimaginable before having seen this show. It was done extremely well.”

“It is so important to bring to society ancient, traditional Chinese culture, as it combines morality, virtue, and belief.

“Bringing the truth about the divine was wonderful. It was so clear. The understanding of such truths comes only from a spiritual level.”

“To achieve perfection in this show, the artists have gone through a lot of training. Yet, the spiritual part is not achieved through physical, but [through] mental training.”

“This show is counter to what we see, experience, and learn today. This show awakens people to a choice that has been missing for some time.”