Shen Yun ‘a Pinnacle of Entertainment,’ Construction Company Owner Says

March 22, 2018

“It was wonderful. It is amazing. I saw it advertised and had to come, you know, see it live. And I wasn’t disappointed at all.”

“It is very creative. I mean, just the energy in the show, the colors of the costumes, the music, everything, I mean, it is a very well put together package.”

“The actors going off the stage, sort of on the screen [digital backdrop], and the timing—I just marveled at the timing.”

“I just think it is just beauty, that’s the first thing that hit you—it is just beauty and purity. … This is just purity.”

“The lady [soprano] that was singing, that was a very touching song. Because I think it touches all mankind.”

“When you come here, it is very refreshing—the beauty of it, the design, the creativity, and the imagination. I would put purity at the top, that’s the way it came across to me.”

“This is like at the pinnacle of entertainment to me.”

“I love the music. It is very well put together. … You come away from the whole program, you just have a good feeling about it all the way around.”