Shen Yun a Beautiful Message Says Psychologist

April 14, 2017

“Very impressive. I like the messages in the dance, there’s a lot of cultural messages in the dance. I like the expression, the discipline is extraordinary. Particularly the last, about the meditation and the persecution, I think it is a beautiful message, that people are still striving to have their freedom and that respect. And everyone deserves, that’s the right they have. I think it is very courageous for the people too do that, very courageous—and we are right behind them.”


“The effort is excellent. It’s well choreographed. They have put in a lot of thoughts behind all these, and bringing the message to Australia. And I believe the Australian public will receive this amiably. There’s a credit to the producers and to the dancers. But most of all, I believe the spiritual message touches a lot of people. I am very impressed.”


“This is a very unique experience and I would recommend it to anybody. A beautiful message, of hope and faith and trust.”