Radio Host Says Shen Yun’s Dance and Music ‘Like Heaven’

December 31, 2016

“It’s wonderful. What really strikes me is that it’s really playful and there’s a lot of pageantry and it’s even comical, but at the same time there’s a very important message.”

“They are spreading the culture and the awareness to people.”

“It’s a rich 5,000 year old tradition, there must be a lot spirituality that people can benefit from.” 

“The music is incredible, I’m sitting there realizing that there’s a live orchestra but I’m still thinking in my mind that I’m in a studio and it’s being recorded, it’s just brilliant. I think there’s such a rich range of music that comes from China that I don’t think we’re exposed to that much, I’m loving it. 

“It makes me feel wonderful. Music is uplifting in a way that I think nothing else can be. If you combine that with the dance, it’s like heaven.” 

“I’ve been working in the world music business for 20 years…For me to be able to experience a culture that I’m not that familiar with as much as I am with other cultures is really wonderful. “

“The costumes are amazing … It’s so vibrant, the colours, and of course how they are able to bring together the technology with the backdrop and bring that together with the actual dance itself is very cool.”