Psychologist Says You Just Have to See Shen Yun

April 30, 2017

“I brought them (children) because I felt like they needed to be exposed to other cultures, and how artistic expression is seen and experienced in other cultures. And I wanted them to really have a rich experience of seeing the music and the colors and the dance and having an appreciation for how hard the dancers have worked.”

“It was stunning. It was absolutely stunning.”

“I’m really glad we brought them and exposed them to this experience and thankful that we have the opportunity as I understand from the show, even in China, they don’t have a the opportunity to see something as majestic as this.” 

“It’s admirable. Their mission is absolutely admirable because at the root of everything, we’re all human and we all crave some sort of spiritual connection. And it doesn’t matter how it’s expressed or what you believe, what matters is that you have the opportunity to do so.” 

“[I] absolutely feel a spiritual connection to the message in the show.” 

“The show was absolutely an inspiration to remind me, when work gets busy, or life gets busy, that I need to stop and slow down, and remember what it’s actually about. And learning to be grounded and centered and looking at everything from a place of peace.” 

“I would definitely recommend this to more friends.” 

“It’s indescribable. You just have to see it.”