Professional Diving Coach Enjoys the Gymnastics, Precision of Shen Yun

December 31, 2017

“It is very, very expressive, the movements are exquisite. I’m very impressed.”

“The hand movements are very, very expressive and the symmetry—they do everything exactly at the same time, just beautiful.”

“I saw a lot of gymnastics—the aerials, back handsprings, back somersault layouts. Yes, very impressive. They would be top-level gymnasts in some countries.”

“I liked the chopstick number, the Mongolian chopsticks. It had a rhythm to it that I just enjoyed.”

“A very disciplined culture. I’ve known a lot of Chinese coaches over the years and that is their trademark: very disciplined, very strict, and very precise.”

“I liked the dress, I really, really liked the [costumes], the use of the pink and green. I don’t know if you noticed, but there was a theme of pink and green almost throughout the costumes. Very, very nice.”

“I appreciate the artistry, so I recommend it to anyone who really appreciates dance, and artistry, and theatre.”