Oscar-Winning Filmmaker Finds Shen Yun Terrific and Extraordinary

January 11, 2018

“[The performance is] terrific. … I’m also really fascinated by the spiritual overtones. … We’re enjoying it very, very much, my wife and I.”

“In today’s world where everybody is being so politically correct and so careful about expressing your views and about being who they are and about having faith, I love it when somebody has the courage to stand out, present a big commercial presentation like this, and make it very clear who they are. They’re people of faith … and I applaud them for that.”

“[The dancers’ skills are] extraordinary. They make it look so easy. … It’s beautiful. My wife has a foundation, and it’s dedicated to dance; of course it’s all American-style dancing. So we really are tuned into the complexity of dance and the demands of the training. … This is quite extraordinary.”

“We enjoyed it very much, and it was terrific. … We’re very happy.”