National Award-Winning Dancer Says Shen Yun Is Outstanding

April 1, 2018

“It’s outstanding. The sameness and exactness of the dancers—the same finger stretch, the same toe point—is really beautiful.”

“The fact that the [dancers] include humor and facial expressions, it gives you a feel for what they’re doing and certainly conveys what they want to say.”

“I like the [dancers’] little toying with each other, particularly when there was anger or sadness or humor. They are playing off of each other.”

“[The orchestra] is beautiful.”

“The backdrop, and the ability to bring the dancers in and out of the backdrop, the exactness of that, took a lot of planning. It was very beautifully done.”

“It was our first time coming to the show. We’ve wanted to see it many times before. Finally, now [with a] Christmas present, here we are.”

“I want to come again.”

“We told many of our friends we were coming today, and they’re eager to hear our comments when we get home. It’s a beautiful performance, especially if you love dance. It’s a beautiful performance to watch, and the music is marvelous.”