Musician Loves Shen Yun Orchestra and Touching Stories

April 4, 2018

“I loved the music, that was a very special part of it.”

“I loved the collaboration between the Eastern and Western instrumentation. I like the voicing of the string instruments. It was very well done. I like the orchestra a lot.”

“Excellent scoring.”

“I enjoyed [the dancing].”

“That was my favorite part of the production, the storytelling. … It shows the history and approach of Chinese culture through storytelling in theater. … I appreciate seeing that in the Chinese culture.”

“It’s a very compelling story, it’s human drama, human tragedy. It’s compelling because it’s told without words. It’s visual—it’s all visual.”

“I liked the story of the young couple that were separated for 18 years when he was in the military. … Very, very touching.”

“[The animated backdrop] was a very unusual theatrical achievement—I’ve never seen that done before.”

“It’s a good peak into another culture, an art form that we don’t always see here.”