Model Inna Zobova: Shen Yun Is Very Touching

May 6, 2018

“I loved the show, I found it very interesting because I didn’t know of Chinese dance. I loved the costumes, the colors, and the music. When I see the ancient Chinese musical instruments, it’s a huge discovery for me. We were really delighted. I find it very beautiful visually, I love that world, it’s dreamlike, it’s beautiful, it’s very touching.”

“The music, the culture, the history, the history of meditation, it touched me a lot. I was born in Moscow, so people’s suffering is something I understand.”

“The mixture of modernity and ancient history was very interesting. It’s a mix of modernity and folkloric that is absolutely incredible and really very interesting.”

“Colors, you know as a stylist, that interests me. I had fun understanding the differences between the costumes of different historical periods: the 7th century, 17th century, Chinese Tang culture, or the costumes of the ladies at court. It’s all new to me, something I didn’t know and I think it’s absolutely wonderful.”