Materials Designer Taken by Shen Yun’s Animated Backdrop

March 26, 2017

“It [Shen Yun] was beautiful. It was really spectacular.”

“They [the dancers] were beautiful. The way that they flowed and the way that they told the story line, it was amazing. … It was really great that the dancers could interact with the animation and the backdrop—it seemed really magical. It was really clever. I found it really, really a fantastic way to tell their story on stage.”

“The music was amazing as well. It was fantastic. I did not know that there was actually an orchestra at the beginning. I thought they were so precise and the way that the music sounded in the theatre was really, really great. It was awesome—amazing.”

“The piano was great. You can tell that she’s [Xin Lian, the pianist] very, very skilled. I can tell that the way she was doing her tremolos and everything was amazing.”

“It was really good to find out more about the culture, where the dancing came from as well, and also to talk about the current affairs that are going on in China too. So I think that’s a really important message for them to spread to the world. It’s a fantastic spectacle and great for the whole family to come and watch.”

“It was actually a massive spectacular performance for me.”