Manager and Family Find Positive Values in Shen Yun

January 26, 2018

“This is our second time seeing it. I love how they make it look so effortless, and they’re so quiet when they’re dancing. …You don’t [hear them land]. They’re doing amazing flips and different moves but they make it look so easy. And I love how they combine the dance with the story. It draws you right into the story.”

“I really like the story of the young couple in the park [the dance titled ‘Unprecedented Crime,’ which tells of a young couple who is torn apart and persecuted because of their faith in the meditation practice Falun Dafa]. It really drew me into the importance of values and standing up for it, and true love. [I see] the value of integrity and your personal beliefs, and just living your beliefs regardless of the trials and the pressure that you face from the outside world to try to get you to set them aside.”