Jeffre Phillips: Shen Yun Is ‘Taking me to another world’

April 17, 2017

“I love it. It’s incredible. It’s a wonderful show. I love all the dance movements, the colors of the show, the stage, the set. It’s absolutely wonderful. I like the fact that all the movements, you can’t hear them at all on stage.” 

“As a producer, I’m very critical. I really critique everything. Since the beginning of the show, I’ve seen not one thing wrong. Every step is on. Like during the fan part, all the fans were perfect. Every movement is precise, and that was very important to entertain an audience.” 

“The dancing skill is incredible. Absolutely incredible. I haven’t seen anything like it.” 

“The music is wonderful. It sounds like original music from many ancestries of China.” 

“I feel like it’s taking me to another world that I haven’t been. It brings me right into the scenes, which is very important. You have to capture your audience with music to bring them in and visualize what’s going on, so I understand everything. I realize you don’t need to speak a language in order to understand a story that they’re telling without saying a word.” 

“Watching it visually is amazing. Absolutely wonderful, going through 5000 years of seeing exactly all the different things that’s going on in the culture.” 

“Coming to see this makes me want to learn more about the culture.”

“I’m glad I came to this … I’m happy to be here today to see it.”