Japanese Business Chairman Feels His Heart ‘Jolted Back to Life’ After Shen Yun

February 3, 2017

“I remember best the last two programs. And the lyrics of those songs were simply great. The song “What We Long For” made me contemplate, how should people live their lives? What is the true purpose of life? Is it really important to pursue fame and wealth?”

“And after seeing the last program, my dormant heart was jolted back to life. Look at us human beings now, and look at how many natural disasters we have now, we are in a dangerous situation. We all have to face certain danger. And our ways of life and what we pursue have all made us deviate from the path and put us in danger. And we don’t even know it.”

“Life is quite short. And everything is too late when you say ‘oh no.’ So Shen Yun has made me enlighten to the fact that we must treasure every day, and know why we are alive.”

“I want to say thanks to this group. It is so outstanding as I often shed tears during the performance. Next time I will bring everyone in my company to see it.”