‘I’ve never seen anything like it,’ Award-Winning DreamWorks Animator Says

April 15, 2018

“[The digital backdrops were] beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was a very smart way to integrate the stage with the three-dimensional feel of depth.”

“[Shen Yun’s revival of traditional Chinese culture] it’s a noble mission. It promotes understanding between different cultures. It’s important.”

“Any familiarity with different cultures, I think it can only be beneficial.”

“[Classical Chinese dance is] beautiful and rich. It obviously required long training, and it’s very skillfully done with the different props they used — the [handkerchiefs], the ribbons, the long sleeves.”

“Art is a perfect vehicle for transcendent messages that can’t be explained fully in words, and vice versa. I think spiritual messages are a different form of art.”

“It’s a unique experience. Beautiful.”