‘It satisfies your soul,’ Choral Conductor Says

April 6, 2018

“I love the performance. It’s exquisite, it’s musical, it’s precise. But it’s so passionate.”

“It satisfies your soul. It’s got so much depth to it, but the simplicity is calming.”

“Today is chaos, with so much noise in the world. If we take time to be still and listen, to be blessed by music, it’s calming and it’s wonderful. You can feel your Creator.”

“[The baritone is] awesome! He’s got some pipes, and he’s got a lot of personality in his music.”

“I’m enjoying all the beautiful scenery and the colors, I hear the colors in the music, and I see the colors on the costumes. It’s fantastic!”

“The [dancers] are fit. They are so together. I have binoculars, and each one is so unique and beautiful.”

“[The message is] calming. Just imaginative, graceful, almost worshipful for how wonderful God made our bodies, and the music, the movements, and the precision, is just beautiful.”

“Just beautiful. Thank you [Shen Yun], thank you for your work. I’m so happy you [Shen Yun] are here in Orange County. And I’m going to tell my friends that they should go to experience something that will help them and their heart have a beautiful day, week, and year.”