‘It inspires me,’ Says Canadian Ballet Dancer

January 27, 2018

“The performers are very synchronized, which for me is the most inspiring part. … I’m enjoying the show. It’s very light. It’s actually my second time watching. … I’m enjoying it all over again.”

“I can see they put a lot of effort into perfecting it. There’s not a single mess-up. It’s all perfected to 100 percent. Everything. All tricks are landed well and escalated very well.”

“It inspires me to go back to the studio and perfect my tricks, and practice with my partner to synchronize our movements together to the music as well so we can perform as well together.”

“I’m learning quite a bit and [traditional Chinese culture] very interesting to follow.”

“To everybody, come watch. It’s a good experience—a very, very well-put-together show. It’s bright, light, and very enjoyable.”