‘I enjoyed everything about’ Shen Yun, Healthcare Executive Says

April 22, 2018

“Excellent, I enjoyed everything about [Shen Yun]. I enjoyed all the performances, how each performance was telling a story, and also the dancing, the costumes—everything was excellent.”

“The music was great. We really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the 2-string Chinese instrument [erhu]—amazing how much sound and emotion can be evoked from that one just 2-string instrument.”

“I appreciated [the mission to revive traditional Chinese culture]. Within the culture, what they are practicing — really learning to practice empathy, to meditate, to become better people—I could see that in the performance, and in the performers. So that aspect of it is really good and really interesting.”

“It’s very uplifting, very positive, and there’s definitely spirituality in the performance.”

“If you are a good person, and you treat each other well and lead a more spiritual life, then that’s better for you as well as everybody else.”

“My overall experience was great, just happy, and entertaining, and also positive.”

“[People] have to see it themselves, and they won’t be disappointed.”