Hollywood Actress: Shen Yun is ‘True to the Hearts of the Chinese Culture’

January 14, 2018

“It brought to light a lot of the Chinese tradition and the dances. And I love how it was kind of storytelling, as the performances changed. They did a very good job of telling the story behind the performance. My thought is that these are really true to the hearts of the Chinese culture and they are really significant. That’s the feeling that I felt. I thought it was outstanding.”

“I really enjoyed the males’ performances. I was very impressed with both, but you don’t see males articulate as well as they did. Just the overall, not only probably bringing their art, the special art, but just really them being free. Free with their movements, their spirit. Not holding back. I really appreciated that.”

“Right now I’m kind of in awe still of how to describe it. I had to use the words a performance. You can’t say it’s play, it’s not all dance. They need to come out with probably a word to encompass it all. Because you don’t only have storytelling, you have storytelling, you have dancing, you have acting, you have everything encompassing in one.”