Government Analyst Resonates With the Spiritual Pathway for Humankind at Shen Yun

January 6, 2018

“It’s very well put together, very beautiful, very colorful. I loved the music. I liked the stories presented for each of the acts. And it is interesting to hear about the culture, and to see it represented through dance.

“The representation of the spiritual aspect of the singer that sung the song, and how she represented, how humanity is swayed from God’s words, I guess. And how we really need to understand how we are all the same, and how we need to get back to God’s ways.”

“I see a good cross-section of culture, of the Austin culture here. So that to me, it’s not just a bunch of rich people. It’s just a cross-section, very diverse. So that is what one of the good things about Austin as [my wife] Gloria was mentioning, is that we have a good diversity of culture here in Austin.”