Georgia Theatergoer Finds Shen Yun’s Effort to Preserve Culture Breathtaking

April 8, 2018

“I love it. I think the dance is impressive. They make it look effortless. And you know it is anything but. So very beautiful and very touching—the human strife that is depicted is particularly touching.”

“[Their effort in preserving the culture] is absolutely breathtaking and incredibly moving.”

“The soprano was beautiful. … [The lyrics are] extremely touching and very moving. [And I got the message that] we are waiting for better times to come back. And they are almost here.”

“I love the way it has got the screen [digital backdrop] in [the] back. And it involves people going up to the heaven and coming down. It is neat.”

“I love the fact that it is so creative and yet at the same time very modest, in how they dress—the attire was gorgeous, [and] beautiful.”