Freelance Journalist: Shen Yun Can Change the World, Absolutely!

April 15, 2018

“We love it. … It was fantastic. It was beautiful.”

“The message is that you have to look inside of you to find love and to be better people. And I was especially moved by the repression of freedom of religion in China. It was very disturbing to me.”

“You could tell that [the performers] are very dedicated to the message and between holding the signs that say [Falun Dafa] is good, to just the posture, the way they dance, they show prayer, they show the meditation—it didn’t look like dance steps. It looked like something they really do daily. It was believable—very beautiful.”

“You can definitely tell that [the ancient Chinese culture] is divinely inspired—absolutely, absolutely. For example, there was a lot of symbolism of a higher being, of God, of angels. I saw, at end the performance, the women with the flowing white. They represented (to me), they looked like angels. They were divine beings. They were just stunning—very beautiful. I actually cried a couple of times during the show.”

“Absolutely, [Shen Yun] can change the world. I think that people who are open-minded, who want to find a message, will find a message very easily here. I think that it’s shown … very creatively, very artistically, and very beautifully, and if you embrace what they are trying to say through the dance and if you take the time to try to understand, it’s very powerful.”