Former Senior Consultant Loves Shen Yun

April 4, 2017

“I loved it, I’ve never seen a show like this before. I fell in love with it when I first saw the display of it, on TV. I feel that as you get older I see a different beauty. And what I wanted to get from that was the beauty of the dance, the people, and the culture—and I got that.


“The culture part—you’d have to think of the period that goes back in the past, and coming forward. Today a lot of that is not passed on,  it’s been suppressed badly. Basically they contribute a lot in culture, for the world. The only way you can see that is through things like this dancing, because it brings it out.”


“I can feel the warmth, and the love. The happiness. The beauty of it all. The dancing and the quality of the dancing is absolutely brilliant. I love the way they can fall from heights without making a noise. Everything about them was beautiful. Their expression was beautiful, their hands were beautiful. Everything, everything was giving you a feeling of love.”


“It was more than just the dance—the dedication of the dancers and  their dedication to  [the] story, to history, to the current period of time.  I love it, it’s beautiful.”


“I was looking at the expression on the faces, I was looking at the beauty, I was looking at the colours. The colours are absolutely gorgeous.”


“The spiritual side was one I hadn’t heard of before, except I knew about the Dharma. It was a very in depth message—heavenly, beautiful, fantastic, gorgeous, loving.”