Federation President Inspired by Message to Always Do Good

April 23, 2018

“Just awesome. That classic Chinese dance is beautiful—it has soft movements and sometimes they can be hard. Everything was just super fantastic.”

“The mission is awesome [to revive traditional Chinese culture], because this was missing, people forget—I think it’s a very rich culture. They should do more of this, because it shows right and wrong. If people don’t know right [from] wrong, that’s a problem. … Right and wrong can be eternal. It doesn’t matter where you live.”

“When you watch the show, [you get educated] and you enjoy it at the same time. It has the story [and entertainment], so I think it’s a good show.”

“The message I receive is something I practice: either you are right or doing it the right way or wrong way. There’s no in-between. That’s what I think is that either you do it the right way or wrong way.”

“This show was giving me that message: to always do the good thing and doing it the right way wins. It’s better for life.”

“[The music and costumes are] well done and beautiful. They have a good story, and everything—the dancing, music—had harmony. So I think all together, they delivered very well.”