Dancer Studio Owner Loved Shen Yun’s ‘Burst of Colors’

February 11, 2018

“I thought it was spectacular. I wanted to take notes about it. I wanted to choreograph something after watching this. So it was so beautiful and fresh. And I loved it.”

“The scarves were amazing! And the bow [archery piece]. The synchronization. The angles. The quietness when they landed a jump. You can barely hear them—that’s all amazing. The fabric, the colors, the burst of colors, I loved that.”

“The music was gorgeous. I loved hearing the mix of Eastern and Western instruments. I couldn’t watch the orchestra because when the dancers were around and I was captivated. But I really loved the live orchestra.”

“I was trying to remember the first one. I almost teared up … That one made me a little emotional.”

“It was a spectacular array of colors and movements and music … Shen Yun has been different from anything that we’ve seen before.”