Color Psychotherapist: Shen Yun’s Color and Music Have Healing Effects

By Margery Dunn
Margery Dunn
Margery Dunn
December 22, 2016 Updated: December 22, 2016

OSAKA, Japan—Ms. Terada Noriko has her roots in both Chinese and Japanese cultures for she was originally born in Harbin, China. And on April 22, she had an unexpected encounter—she had the feeling of finding her real roots after seeing Shen Yun.

“I have this feeling that I had waited to see this performance for a long time,” said Ms. Terada, a famous Japanese psychotherapist who helps people stay fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, through color psychotherapy.

Ms. Terada, a media celebrity, has studied the psychological impact of color on humans for many years.

With a long career in color psychotherapy, she praised Shen Yun’s colors and musics: “I think Shen Yun’s designs of color for its costumes and animated backdrops is not something that can be done by ordinary people. I was surprised to find that Shen Yun’s color and music have healing effects.”

“I couldn’t help shedding tears in the middle of the show,” Ms. Terada said after she was moved by Shen Yun artists’ impeccable performance and its vibrant colors.

“Shen Yun performance is the highest degree of beauty. It’s beyond words,” she added. “The messages conveyed by Shen Yun are not something that can be done through vocal expressions. I was deeply touched throughout the show.”

Ms. Terada also expressed that she was in awe at the last scene in which the world’s people are saved by immortals. She said: “When seeing the scene depicting immortals descending to the earth from heaven to save the world’s people, I strongly felt that I was flooded with the energy from those immortals.”

Hoping the essence of traditional Chinese culture performed by Shen Yun can spread, she said, “I hope Shen Yun can flourish in the entire world.”

Reporting by Billy Shyu and Frank Fang

Margery Dunn